A Goodness Opportunity. A Blessing.

If your good self is interested to be an Exclusive Marketing Company, for your country/s, please drop me a note.

1.  On Commission basis that will make one happy. 
Three main commission categories: SGD $90, SGD $140, SGD $250 and on wards. 
Paid weekly.

2.  If the advertiser of your particular country comes directly to me.  I will give half of the commission to your good self.  This is done with good faith that your company staff also perform.

3.  2nd year renewal on wards, same commission scale.  Please do get new contracts also.
All things remaining same.  Not to worry about it.  I will like you to be always happy and your staff.

Insertions and etc, are all done here, in Singapore.

More information will be forwarded, if you are interested and that you will do it.  First trial period, than confirmation of 1 year contract and yearly renewal.     

xxxxxxxx.com - actual web site, under construction.   Forces of Goodness Earth - just a show page.

Why advertise in it?

To visibly enlighten people the world over. 

People of 196/195 countries of the world, 7.5 + billion people and growing.  With an innocent lovely baby, born each second.

Simultaneously,  The Advertisers are, reaching out to people, locally (wherever they are) and globally.  As, People oriented.  People friendly.

This Revolutionary Global Humanitarian Goodness Cause, also supports; Climate Change, Nature / Environment, Happiness, Goodness and others.

Like National Geographic Society, UNICEF and United Nations International Happiness Day and others.  Advertising and supporting it (not just lip service, it is mentioned here and all other materials).  Please see bottom.

For a potent frequency to be sanctioned, by United Nations.  Under the Charter of Human Rights and Defense. 

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